Day to Night…

It’s Friday night, you’re heading out for some after work drinks and this little dress is perfect to take you from the office, to a bar.

Dress: Top Shop £48 (now on Sale for £10!!)



Back to Basics

We all know the staples of any wardrobe are your go to basics, classic pieces you can wear daily/nightly, dress down/up and generally form the base of your look.  Here are my absolute essential, basic items, I couldn’t live without in my wardrobe and as you can see, they don’t have to break the bank!

The Skinny Jean

Black Skinny Jean

This pair, which I own, are from Warehouse; were £45, purchased on sale for £25.

I LOVE these jeans.  Warehouse jeans are a first for me, I usually buy all my jeans from Top Shop, but I tried these on, as they were on sale and they are an amazing fit.  Flattering and comfy and I adore the (on-trend) zip detail pockets.  I did have to go up a size, Warehouse seem to make their clothes super small, so don’t be disheartened if your usual size is a bit on the neat size in there.

The White Tee 

H and M 6.99

White Tee, £6 from H&M.

I have TONS of white Tee’s and they are mostly from H&M.  I find they are really affordable and a nice fit.  I like my white T to be a bit baggy, not too tight and one that hangs past my belly!  These are perfect.

The Blazer

blazer 48 top shop

This blazer is £48 from Top Shop and I have one very similar to it that I, surprise surprise, found in the sale for £20 last year.  I have three black blazers – one fitted and ‘suit’ like for work, one like this that I wear out or casual and the third, a loose tuxedo style with 3/4 length sleeves, I wear to work or for going out.

The Ballet Pump

top shop 16

These nude ballet pumps are £16 from Top Shop and I am now on my second pair after wearing the first to a slow death!  I’m crazy about these little pumps.  Obviously a shoe for the drier/warmer weather, but all spring/summer I wear mine with skinny jeans, skirts, dresses, just about everything really.  They are comfortable and cute as a button!



White Cons, from well, just about anywhere!  My most recent pair were £45 from Office and you’ll find that price is pretty standard across the board.  I LIVE in my cons; you literally have to peel them off me these days, apart from these wet winter months when I’m in my biker boots, but with the cons, I wear them smart to work with jeans and a blazer, casual at the weekend and even going out.  I just can’t see past these shoes, they go with EVERYTHING!


top shop 40I got this bag this year with some birthday vouchers for Top Shop – it was £40 and I have used it everyday since I got it.  It’s got a hint of Victoria Beckham about it, maybe a bit of McQueen, that nice structured tote that you can fit a ton of stuff in.  It’s classic, elegant and I think it’s a real find.

The Necklace 


I have a necklace,  almost identical to this one pictured, that I got in H&M for £2!!!  An absolute steal and I wear it nearly everyday.  It’s pretty, petite and goes with almost everything.  A nice little basic to brighten my neckline.

These are my staples, absolute no negociating, I must have, staples.  Adding all the other bits that transform them into a different outfit everyday….that’s the fun part…

I heart blouses



As I get *ahem* older, my style is definitely changing. Recently I’ve discovered a love of blouses….it’s probably crept up on me over the last year or so since bagging a couple of wee gems in the sales last year, but now, I’m actively seeking out a floaty blouse everywhere I go! The thing is, they look smart for work, you can throw them on with a pair of jeans and (nine times out of ten) they don’t need ironed and when you have a 6 year old to wash and iron for, anything that lightens that load is a lifesaver!

So the blouse du jour, another sale bargain, this time from Warehouse. I actually coveted this beauty for a while and then forgot about it, so when I popped into Warehouse at lunchtime last week, I was ecstatic when I saw it in the sale reduced from £42 to £20. It’s actually a couple of sizes too big for me, but I think it works having a loose fit and I’m wearing it here with the amazing new skinny jeans I got the same day, also warehouse £45 down to £25.

I don’t wear a lot of colour, so the style of this blouse is perfect for me to experiment with a pop of neon and a print. I even went as far as matching my nails today and you know what, on another wet, grey January Monday, I felt pretty sunny.

Pink to make the boys wink….


Well that’s what my gran used to say, however pink is one of my favourite colours and, being that I’m not 8 years old anymore, I don’t wear it that often!

I get my pink fix through the occasional accessory, but mostly it’s my nails. On a dreary Monday I was wearing a navy dress from ASOS and added a pop of pink with this Rimmel nail varnish, Hot Shot and pink lips courtesy of Bare Minerals.

Oh and you can see the phone cover….

Pink, not to make the boys wink, just to brighten my day.

Sale Style


I always say style costs nothing and for me the sales have historically yielded some fantastic bargains, I’ll share my favourite finds over the next few days, starting with my favourite today’s Top Shop shirt.

I’ve been looking for a check shirt and found this take on the classic check, with a mixed print floral body and check arms. It practically jumped off the rails at me! Reduced from £38 to £18 it’s an absolute bargain. I’ve teamed it today with Top Shop skinny jeans and my trusty old Kate Moss for Top Shop knee high boots.

Bargain style

The other night I had to get a new dressing gown and slippers for my 6 year old. Being that they grow out of things so quickly, I tend not to spend a fortune on such items and instead pick them up at Tesco or Asda.

While I was in Tesco getting said items for said child, (which btw were a bargain, £12 for dressing gown and slippers), I had a quick browse in the sale rail for ladies wear and lo and behold found a beaut of a top for work for just £4!!

I’m so pleased with this, teamed here with Top Shop Skinny jeans and Primark shoes (£8). I even kept it on to go to the cinema that night and threw my Miss Selfridge jacket and Primark scarf on with it.

So good is this wee steal of a top, a work mate commented, ‘oh love the Zara top.’ Emmmm thanks…. 😉

Style, costs, nothing. Well maybe £4.