I heart blouses



As I get *ahem* older, my style is definitely changing. Recently I’ve discovered a love of blouses….it’s probably crept up on me over the last year or so since bagging a couple of wee gems in the sales last year, but now, I’m actively seeking out a floaty blouse everywhere I go! The thing is, they look smart for work, you can throw them on with a pair of jeans and (nine times out of ten) they don’t need ironed and when you have a 6 year old to wash and iron for, anything that lightens that load is a lifesaver!

So the blouse du jour, another sale bargain, this time from Warehouse. I actually coveted this beauty for a while and then forgot about it, so when I popped into Warehouse at lunchtime last week, I was ecstatic when I saw it in the sale reduced from £42 to £20. It’s actually a couple of sizes too big for me, but I think it works having a loose fit and I’m wearing it here with the amazing new skinny jeans I got the same day, also warehouse £45 down to £25.

I don’t wear a lot of colour, so the style of this blouse is perfect for me to experiment with a pop of neon and a print. I even went as far as matching my nails today and you know what, on another wet, grey January Monday, I felt pretty sunny.


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