Date night



Date night with the boyfriend. You’ve mentally run through your wardrobe, decided what you’re going to wear, done your preening, primping and making yourself purty, then, the outfit goes on and you hate it! Nothing sits right, you don’t feel comfortable and you’re back to the drawing board!

Well that was me last night, the pre planned outfit went out the window and last minute I was throwing on my go to outfit, Top Shop skinny jeans, my new Top Shop desert ankle boots (another sale purchase £62 down to £32) and a Top Shop vest from about 3 years ago!

Simple, comfy and perfect for dinner with the other half. I also threw on a wee Top Shop denim jacket to keep warm!

So the key to a good date night outfit; you must feel good or you’re not going to relax and enjoy your night! So don’t be scared to through your planned look out the window and go with your last minute option, it may be the best!

Oh and can you tell I like Top Shop….


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