Bargain style

The other night I had to get a new dressing gown and slippers for my 6 year old. Being that they grow out of things so quickly, I tend not to spend a fortune on such items and instead pick them up at Tesco or Asda.

While I was in Tesco getting said items for said child, (which btw were a bargain, £12 for dressing gown and slippers), I had a quick browse in the sale rail for ladies wear and lo and behold found a beaut of a top for work for just £4!!

I’m so pleased with this, teamed here with Top Shop Skinny jeans and Primark shoes (£8). I even kept it on to go to the cinema that night and threw my Miss Selfridge jacket and Primark scarf on with it.

So good is this wee steal of a top, a work mate commented, ‘oh love the Zara top.’ Emmmm thanks…. 😉

Style, costs, nothing. Well maybe £4.






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